Crucero Santa Cruz

spring Summer

The excursion starts at “La Soledad” pier in Punta Bandera. This exclusive navigation on Lake Argentino combines luxury and nature.

After the first day of navigation on the lake we reach “Puesto las Vacas” where we spend the night. Next morning we start with a short walk around the place and then we continue sailing towards “Spegazzini” glacier and “Upsala” glacier. The second night is spent in Mayo inlet, from where, the following day, we will spot glaciers Mayo and Negro. Finally, we start navigating the “Icebergs channel” which leads to the impressive “Perito Moreno” glacier. Every gourmet lunch and dinner is served in beautiful spots surrounded by magnificent glaciers. The company provides transportation from El Calafate to the pier.

Duration: Three days, two nights. Provider: Mar Patag.

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