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Laguanacazul - Guided tour Art Gallery

Laguanacazul - Guided tour Art Gallery
Laguanacazul store and art gallery invites you to interact with the contemporary cultural production of Patagonia. Art is the signature of a civilization, that is why we will take a short tour from the ancient manifestations in caves and wings of the first settlers of Patagonia cc 10,000 years, to the current art of our temporary exhibitions.
We propose an immersive visit from the senses, where different artistic disciplines of Patagonia are joined by a gourmet gastronomic tasting of the prestigious kitchen of Alejandra Repetto, finalist of the Prix Barón B cousine 2022 contest, accompanied by an Argentine Malbec from Bodega Piccolo Banfi.
Approaching the cultural heritage of a territory improves the understanding of human history and allows us to interpret its relationship with the environment.
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25 de Mayo n° 38
ScheduleEvery day from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. w/ advance reservation