City Tour

City Tour

The excursion takes a trip around different important touristic and cultural places in town and its outskirts. Our bilingual tour guides will give all the necessary information.

A visit to “Nimez lagoon” will allow you to know the abundant birdlife of this area. The excursion also takes a trip around the local farms where strawberries and cherries are produced. You will also visit Historic interpretive center which reviews the last 14000 years of history. Finally, we will visit “Walichu caves” to observe some cave paintings.

Duration: 2 and half hours.

02902 492276
Av. del Libertador nº 932 local 8 y 9
Degree of difficultyEasy
SeasonAll year
Trekking / Hiking Trekking / Hiking
Museums MuseumsPark ParkTrekking / Hiking Trekking / Hiking
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