Cabalgata el Galpon del Glaciar

spring Summer

Coast of Lake Argentino: A tour from the stable, with panoramic views of Lake Argentino and the "Laguna de los Birds" Natural Reserve. We cross the meadow until we reach the
Centinela River and its mouth into Lake Argentino. We return to the ranch along the coast of Lake Argentino, seeing the imposing landscape of the mountain range and the ice floes that come from the Upsala Glacier.

Crossing the Centinela River: We start from the stables along a path until we reach the Centinela River, being able to observe our sheep, the fauna along the way.
local, such as Moorish eagles, caranchos, owls, condors, wild hares and armadillos. We crossed the river and slowly climbed a slope to observe the
mouth of the River in Lake Argentino. Then we go down and walk back along the coast until we return, crossing the river again.

Sand Oasis: We start from the stable, crossing the corral where the sheep are herded, and then entering the meadow that houses a large part of our
sheep. We will ride along the Centinela River until we find a hill that we will ascend slowly.
From the top we can see the mouth of the Centinela River into Lake Argentino. We continue along the coast of the Lake surrounded on the left by the immense
Turquoise lake and on the right with a sand wall. From there we can get the first panoramic view where we can see the
immensity of Patagonia. We will be able to observe the transition from the steppe to immense sand dunes, creating a steep terrain that then gives way to some
high plains where it is possible to gallop.
At the top of the hill we can see the Andes Mountains and the continental Ice Fields. As we descend we will be surprised by a sand oasis hidden among the
Patagonian steppe and lake.
We will dismount for lunch for approximately half an hour where the riders can rest (optional lunch upon return in the main lobby).
On very hot days, you can take a bath in the lake.

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Ruta 11 Km 22
Degree of difficultyLow
SeasonStarts operating spring summer
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