Cerro Fitz Roy

The Fitz Roy, or xxx Cerro Chaltén, is a mountain of 3405 masl located east of the southern Patagonian ice field on the side of Chile near the border with Argentina, in Patagonia, near the village of Cerro Castillo and the village of El Chalten .

The mountainous group to which it belongs forms one of the great nunataks of the Patagonian ice field. A few kilometers south of this mountain begins the last undefined border area between the two countries (outside Antarctica), which reaches the Murallón hill to the south.

It is located within two national parks: Bernardo O'Higgins National Park and Los Glaciares National Park. This summit offers an impressive spectacle as its ridges and edges appear between glaciers and clouds; and at certain times of the day take amazing colors according to the lighting of the sun.

Despite having an average height (it does not reach half that of the giants of the Andes) the mountain has the reputation of being of "extreme difficulty": it has enormous extensions of almost vertical, polished and slippery slabs on which they beat constantly winds of enormous strength, requiring maximum technical expertise from the climber.

The climate in the region is exceptionally inclement and unstable. The surrounding area, although difficult to access, has improved its access with the development of the towns of El Chaltén and El Calafate, the latter having an international airport. The climb of the mountain, however, remains extremely difficult and is the exclusive competence of climbers with a lot of experience, due to snowfall, winds and sudden changes in the weather situation.


rock / snow / ice
3405 masl

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