Cerro Torre

Cerro Torre is a 3133 masl mountain located on the eastern edge of the PATAGONIC CONTINENTAL ICE. The unmistakable silhouette of Cerro Torre is an icon recognized worldwide among the most famous Alpine / Andean climbers.

The Argentine town of EL CHALTEN, serves as an access road thanks to the facilities of roads and hotels for tourists who approach the region arriving mostly through the International Airport of EL CALAFATE.

From EL CHALTEN, there is an easy access path at the end of which you can see in all its majesty the Cerro TORRE, its glacier and the lagoon.

The boundary in the area was established by the treaty of 1881, indicating that: The border line will run along that highest peak of the Cordillera that divides the waters and will pass between the slopes that flow from one side to the other. Since it is not the water-dividing TORRE Hill, the international limit runs much further west along the MORENO Cordon, which does constitute a WATER DIVISION.


rock / snow / ice
3133 masl

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