Glaciar Sur Aventura

spring Summer

Towards the edge of the National Park and on the border with Chile

It is an excursion aimed at travelers who enjoy walking in hidden places. Truly, those who have done this trekking feel that they are the first to arrive at the places they visit.

The tour begins in Calafate at 07:30 a.m., we travel 60 km along Route 15 until almost the end of the road where our pier is located. We will navigate the South Arm of Lake Argentino in a semi-rigid cabin for 45 minutes, then arriving at the southern head of the South Arm. Here begins the first stage of the 1.5 km trek to reach Lake Frías, where you will board a 7-meter-long semi-rigid boat, with which we will navigate to the west end of said lake. Upon disembarking we continue with the second stage of the trek of approximately 7 km towards Lake Frías Superior or Laguna de Sacarlet, located at the SW end of the National Park. From here we can see the Dickson, Cubo and Grande glaciers. There in the middle of an incredible landscape we will have the included lunch box, which consists of a super sandwich, nutritious mini salad, seasonal fruit, muffin and granola snack, and then begin the return. You arrive at the hotel at approximately 7:00 p.m.

Total trekking duration: around 5 hours.

Includes: land and lake transfers, walking sticks and box lunch.

Passengers are always accompanied from Calafate by a bilingual trekking guide (English/Spanish), in addition to the crew.

The entrance ticket to the National Park is not paid.


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02902 495-050
Av. del Libertador n° 1180
Degree of difficultyModerate
SeasonStarts operating in October
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