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Iglú Restaurant & Bar El Calafate: Iglú, Esplendor El Calafate's restaurant, is the ideal place to eat in El Calafate, since you can enjoy delicious signature dishes with a stunning view of the Lake.

Typical meals in El Calafate: The Restaurant offers a menu of gourmet signature cuisine, with regional products from Patagonia. You can choose different dishes, including regional meats such as Patagonian lamb or rainbow trout.

Iglú Bar: The Iglú bar offers national and imported drinks and a menu with classic and signature drinks. It also offers cafeteria service and different types of infusions.

Hours: The bar is open from 12 to 11 p.m. The Restaurant will offer Lunch and Dinner services, consult with the hotel for its reopening.

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Juan Domingo Perón n° 1143
SpecialtyRest Bar
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