Minitrekking 2


The excursion begins with the search for passengers in El Calafate, on the way to Los Glaciares National Park, the tour guides will provide them with information about the place, the glacier and the excursion.

Once in the Port “Bajo de las Sombras” (Route 11, 70 km from El Calafate) you embark to cross Lake Rico, arriving at the opposite coast after approximately 10 minutes of navigation in front of the imposing southern wall of the Glacier. Perito Moreno.

Upon disembarking in Puma Bay, just 500 meters from the Glacier, you will be greeted by our mountain guides. From here, we will begin the tour with a walk of approximately one hour along the coast of the lake and then along the moraine next to the ice (terrain of rocks and unstable land).

Upon reaching the edge of the glacier, subgroups of a maximum of 20 people each will be organized and the crampons and helmets provided by the company will be placed on them a few meters from the Cascada de las Cotorras. This excursion is highly personalized (one guide for every 10 passengers maximum). Once on the glacier, you will receive a safety briefing and we will explore together for approximately an hour. this frozen paradise, declared a World Heritage Site (1981).

The circuit on the glacier is of medium/high difficulty, the ice surface is irregular but firm and safe. The pace of march is constant and few stops are made. Approximately 5km is traveled. on rock, dirt and ice terrain with crampons (The normal mini route is 3km) The total walking time is approximately 3 hours.

That is, you walk twice as far in the same time as in the common Minitrekking.

During the walk you will be able to see the typical and changing formations of a glacier such as deep crevasses, blue sinkholes, huge seracs and turquoise lagoons. At the end of the walk on the ice, we will visit the base of the waterfall, from where we will walk back along the lateral moraine until we reach Puma Bay again. Once there, we will board back to Puerto Bajo de las Sombras.

The duration of the excursion with the transfer from El Calafate is approximately 9:30 hours and includes a visit of around 1 hour to the walkways of the Perito Moreno Glacier, located 7 km from our Port. There you can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the glacier and explore one of the self-guided trails. If you do not opt for our transportation and go by your own means, this excursion lasts approximately 4 hours, leaving from the Port and returning to the same starting point.


Activity characteristic

  • 9:30 a.m. (all day)


  • The activity lasts all day and has 3 hours of walking.
  • The availability of this excursion is from February 1 to the end of April.
  • Optional transfer with bilingual guide and approximately one hour visit to walkways.
  • Only suitable for people between 18 and 55 years old. Without exception.
  • Not suitable for sedentary people
  • Medium/high complexity. For you to have an excellent experience in the Glacier you must have sufficient psychophysical capacity to walk steadily for at least 3 hours, part of the journey being on the ice with crampons.

Not included: Entrance to the National Park | Food and drink | Personal clothing appropriate to the climatic conditions of the region. (cold, rain, wind, snow)


This excursion takes place in a natural environment, so the climatic conditions and characteristics of the glacier and its surroundings change daily. However, it is not suspended as long as security conditions allow it. We are waiting for you!


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Degree of difficultyDemanding
SeasonStarts operating in February
DurationEl tiempo de caminata total es de 3 horas aproximadamente
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