Calafate Landscapes and Flavors


A tourist tour of El Calafate can include the following points:

  • Visit to the historic center of the city: Here you can learn about the history and evolution of El Calafate, as well as its main cultural attractions.
  • Walk along the Redonda Bay waterfront: From here you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Argentino and the surrounding hills.
  • Visit to the Glaciarium: This interactive museum offers extensive information about the glaciers of Patagonia.
  • Visit to the Glaciobar: This ice bar is a unique experience for the senses.
  • Typical Patagonian dinner: On the waterfront of Bahía Redonda there is a wide variety of restaurants where you can taste local cuisine.

Includes: Entrance to the ice bar (2 shots, cape and gloves)
Admission to the Glaciarium museum and Patagonian Dinner with a non-alcoholic drink

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