Cerro Frias Tirolesa


Our unique zip line in Patagonia consists of four sections of approximately 500 meters each, offering an exciting and adrenaline-filled experience. Strategically located in the Cerro Frías canyon surrounded by an impressive native lenga forest, we immerse ourselves in a naturally impressive environment, with incredible views of the Centinela River Valley and Cordón de los Cristales.
The adventure begins when we look for them at their hotel in El Calafate. After 20 minutes of travel we arrived at the Alice ranch. In the barbecue area, our guides prepare you with the necessary safety equipment for the activity that awaits us.

Once prepared, we embark on an exciting journey ascending the southern slope of the hill in 4x4 vehicles. Our goal is to reach a platform strategically located at 560 meters above sea level from where we will begin our zigzag descent. As we slide along the sections of the zip line, we enjoy the incredible panoramic views and the feeling of flying over the Patagonian landscape. It is an experience that connects us deeply with nature.

This excursion offers a perfect combination of excitement and natural beauty.

Depending on the time chosen for the activity, we will wait for you in our dining room with lunch or snack, where you can relax and share your experiences after this adventure in the heart of Patagonian nature.



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