Cerro Frias Trekking


The landscape surrounding Cerro Frías combines landscapes of Patagonian steppe and native lenga forest, home to a varied flora and fauna waiting to be discovered by intrepid adventurers. Every corner reveals natural wonders and fascinating geological formations.

The adventure begins when we look for them at their hotel in El Calafate. After 20 minutes of travel we arrived at the Alice ranch.

Once you arrive at the ranch, our guide will present the different trekking options available. Taking into account the preferences and abilities of the group, he will design a personalized tour that will allow us to enjoy a unique and memorable experience in the middle of nature.

Each trail will offer a different perspective of the beauty of the environment, with impressive landscapes and opportunities to discover Patagonian diversity. Whether we prefer to explore lush forests, ascend to panoramic heights, or follow the course of a serene river, our guide will help us choose the best option for our group.

Depending on the time chosen for the activity, we will wait for you in our dining room with lunch or snack, where you can relax and share your experiences after this adventure in the heart of Patagonian nature.


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