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Cooks meeting

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Cooks meeting

Promoters of Healthy Cooking.

Saturday, September 7, 7 p.m.
Amber Room of the Hotel Xelena Hotel & Suites, René Favaloro 3500.
Free admission.


About the Chef:

Pablo Martin: Chef and journalist. He currently works in: Night Cooks, Public TV. Radio Pop 101.5. Radio 10, Telefe, FOX LIFE, A Better Life Magazine, Infobae, LQF Magazine (Spain) and Radio Latina101.1, among other places. He also wrote books on conscious food.

Guillermo Vergara: Chef responsible for Food and Beverage at the Xelena Hotel & Suites. CES teacher Father of Agostini. Owner and Manager of APTO CALAFATE. Winner of the 2nd Place of the 1st National Tournament of Healthy Gastronomy 2019. Winner of the 2nd Place of the Federal Chef Tournament 2017