Hot Air Balloons in El Chaltén

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Hot Air Balloons in El Chaltén
The Balloon Eclipse Experience group is located in the mountain town. Several balloons flew up and passed over the town.

On the morning of Wednesday the hot air balloons that are on tour in the area, took flight over El Chaltén, providing a show never seen in that mountain town.

The balloons are part of Argentina Eclipse Balloon Experience, an international hot air balloon meeting organized to accompany the Total Solar Eclipse that will be seen mainly in the center of the country.

As an additional event the manufacturer of Ultramagic Balloons organized this tour that began in El Calafate and today is in El Chaltén, then continue to Mendoza, and finally in Merlo, San Luis.

Robertor Stokers, coordinator of this event, said on FM Dimension that there are 16 hot air balloons with experienced and recognized pilots from various countries around the world.