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Recommendations Guide for a Safe Post COVID Tourist Destination 19

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Recommendations Guide for a Safe Post COVID Tourist Destination 19

of the Tourism and Sports Ministries of the Nation.

We are going through an unprecedented situation, absolutely new worldwide, so this guide, in addition to being dynamic, may be enriched with information from other tourist destinations, other methodologies applied in countries that are at different stages of the pandemic, even leaving she.


To this it would be good to add the experience that each hotel, travel agency, tourist service provider, shops in general, successfully implemented during the month of March and to date in some cases, it is not beyond your knowledge that any prevention As exaggerated as it may seem insufficient, we know that the vast majority of you successfully applied measures not covered in the attachment to safeguard the personnel in your charge and their clients.


Through different means, we will suggest others to be evaluated by you, referring to citing an example of the reception of merchandise in hotels, restaurants, food houses, or precautions to take with shoes before ascending to a vehicle or entering an establishment, handling baggage and more.


Finally, as time and means allow, we will set up video conferences with different actors and entities to deal in particular with essential topics such as destination promotion, special promotions, potential markets and others.



Thank you for your attention.



Oscar souto

Secretary of Tourism

Municipality of El Calafate - Santa Cruz

Argentine Patagonia