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Tourism and sports minister Matias Lammens in El Calafate.

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Tourism and sports minister Matias Lammens in El Calafate.

The mayor of El Calafate, Javier Belloni, together with the secretary of municipal tourism, Oscar Souto and the manager of the mixed entity of El Calafate, received the Minister of Tourism and Sports Matias Lammens and the Secretary of Tourism Promotion, Yanina Martin.

The national officials' agenda began with the day visit to El Chalten. Then return to El Calafate and hold meetings, and visit the Los Glaciares National Park.
In the morning at the Alice room an institutional meeting was held, authorities from the province, officials from the provincial and municipal tourism secretary, the mayor of El Calafate, Javier Belloni, and businessmen from the tourism sector participated.
The municipal tourism secretary conveyed the thanks of El Calafate to the province of Santa Cruz, to the governor Alicia Kirchner, the Minister of Production and Social Development, Silvina Córdoba and the Secretary of Tourism of Santa Cruz for achieving such an important visit of the minister and the secretary of tourism promotion.
He also explained that within the orders was the most important: increase connectivity and improve air frequency. Clearly expressing the need to end the penance that El Calafate had during the last 4 years with the last national government. The request especially aimed at increasing air frequencies during the months of May to August, on the other hand also maintaining the flight to Bariloche, Córdoba and adding the route to Rosario, and the request to reinforce the crossing to Ushuaia. Finally on this subject the need for the internationalization of El Calafate airport for the possibility of having direct flights from San Pablo.
Minister Lammens pledged to help with the negotiations with Aerolineas Argentinas, knowing the isolation suffered by El Calafate and seeing the magnitude of public and private investments in tourism.
After the meeting, they moved to Los Glaciares National Park for a visit to the catwalks, Nativos and the navigation in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier enjoying an exclusive lunch for the delegation aboard the Santa Cruz boat.
El Calafate spends a record season with a 99% carnival weekend occupation. The minister and the promotion secretary were delighted with the city of El Calafate, and the natural beauties of the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Los Glaciares National Park, closing a a day with a magnificent climate toured El Calafate, and the facilities of the micro stadium, the municipal swimming pool and the Amphitheater of the Forest where they could appreciate the great infrastructure that El Calafate has and the quality of its services.