The Sustainable Calafate



yes Use the Eco-Baskets to deposit plastic bottles and caps

yes Take your Reusable bag when you go shopping. In our city by law the sale of plastic bags is prohibited.

yes Check in your accommodation what sustainable actions do

yes I consumed local products, we have excellent Artisans and Producers

yes Enjoy the landscape without leaving more than your tracks

yes Walk our city by bike or on foot, it is healthy and does not leave a carbon footprint

yes Enjoy the native flora and fauna

yes Being responsible consumers takes care of the environment.

yes Connect with local NGOs for more information

yes Request food without plastic wrap

yes Support Environmental Education

yes Find out in your agency and with your guide about the recycling campaigns that exist in Calafate

yes Do not leave garbage in nature

yes Please do not feed native wildlife


#Use rechargeable batteries and batteries

Facebook: The Seed-ecoprojects