Darwin Experience - Patagonia Profunda


In this multi-adventure excursion we leave in 4x4 for the Route 40 until the River Santa Cruz. After a technical talk and equipping ourselves with dry suits, we started paddling down the river.
In the course of navigation we will see geological formations and a wide variety of fauna, elements that inspired Darwin in his mythical journey through these lands.
After 15 km downstream we reach Estancia El Rincón, where we wait for the expedition members with lunch on the banks of the river, and then return to El Calafate.
Includes: Certified guide, double kayaks, Gore Tex dry suits, life vest, boots and gloves.

Optional companion: Those who do not want to paddle can go to the stay in 4x4 and have lunch with the kayakers, paying 50% of the fee.
Lunch: Focaccia with pickled aubergines, Bifes a la criolla with salads, chocolate mousse, wine, juice and water
(see for vegetarian, vegan, celiac, etc.)

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