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Accommodation tax refund

In El Calafate and the rest of the country, foreign tourists do not pay VAT (tax corresponding to 21%) for accommodation services. This applies to visitors who pay with an international credit card or through a bank transfer from a foreign bank. The procedure applies to those who can validate their status as foreign citizens with their passport.

Tax refund on purchases

In addition, they can also request the refund of VAT (VAT) on purchases of goods of national production equal to or greater than $ 70 (seventy Argentine pesos) made in the country in the shops attached to the Tax Free system of "Global Blue Argentina".

To make this refund, you have to follow these steps:

  • Buy at the stores that display the Tax Free logo and ask for the refund form.
  • When leaving the country, in any office of the Argentine Customs (in airports, river ports or border posts), show the invoices along with your purchases and your passport and have the received refund forms stamped.
  • The collection of the tax refund can be in cash, by credit card or bank check.

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