Classic - Ea. Cristina

spring Summer

Upon leaving the port of Punta Bandera at 8:30, we begin sailing along the northern arm of Lake Argentino to reach the permitted navigation limit in the Upsala channel, and thus have a panoramic view of the front of the homonymous Glacier.
After disembarking at Estancia Cristina, each group will be assigned a 4×4 vehicle with a specialized driver-guide. We will begin to ascend the Feruglio mountain range, the 9.5 km that will take us to where the vehicle will be left. Once there, we will begin a walk of about twenty minutes over glacial erosion terrain, to reach the Upsala Glacier Viewpoint, where we will have time to contemplate the view of Lake Guillermo and the imposing Eastern front of the Upsala Glacier. and the Southern Patagonian Continental Ice Field.
We resume the walk to return in the 4×4 vehicles to the center of the ranch where you will have time for lunch (approximately 1 hour).
Continuing with the visit of the ranch, you will visit the Museum of Costumbrista, an old shearing shed, where you will be introduced to the history of the Masters family, pioneers of the place, their time and experience in that area. There will also be a guided walk to the Caterina River, the ferris wheel, the Chapel and thus tour the center of the ranch.

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SeasonStarts operating in October
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