Joint Tourism Promotion Body

The Mixed Entity was created by Municipal Ordinance sanctioned by the Honorable Deliberative Council of El Calafate on December 11, 2014
Its objective is to design and execute policies and programs for promotion, development of tourism supply and demand, and the promotion of
Tourism as a strategic economic activity for the city.

It is formed by a board of directors with eight representatives

Four from the Public sector: three representatives appointed by the Mayor of the town and the presidency is in charge of the Secretary of Municipal Tourism.

The four representatives of the Private Sector are composed as follows:
A representative for the Association of Tourism Hotels AHyT
A representative for the Association of Travel and Tourism Agents of El Calafate AAAVyT
Two representatives of the Commerce and Industry Tourism Trade Bed of El Calafate.



President: Alexis Simunovic

Manager: Oscar Gomez



Its financing comes from a percentage of co-participation of passenger tickets to Los Glaciares National Park and another percentage of the rates of
Departures from El Calafate Airport.

Tel:+54 (02902) 491090
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