Rivers of Ice Sunset

spring Summer

The Sunset navigation allows you to enjoy the beautiful colors offered by the exquisite Patagonian sunsets, as it takes place in the afternoon, unlike the Todo Glaciares tour, which starts in the morning. We set sail from Puerto Punta Bandera, 47km from the city of El Calafate. Upon arrival, we will welcome you in our warm boarding terminal. Our experienced team will guide you through the pre-boarding process to start your best glacier experience. If you don't have entry to Los Glaciares National Park at this point, we will indicate where you can purchase it. At all times, we will provide you with the best service so that you can have an unforgettable time and focus on enjoying every detail of the experience.

Once on board our comfortable boats, Sunset begins by navigating towards the Spegazzini Channel. We will disembark at the Spegazzini Base right in front of the Glacier to enjoy our modern Spegazzini Shelter, which has all the services you need during your journey and will allow you to experience truly unique moments with its dazzling panoramic views. Optionally, you can taste exquisite regional menus with options for all tastes.

We will have unique views of three incredible glaciers: Heim Sur Glacier, Peineta Glacier, and the imposing Spegazzini Glacier. The largest of all, which awaits to offer you a majestic view with its height of over 135 meters.

After setting sail, we will approach the Spegazzini Glacier to contemplate its great mass of ice. Then we will visit the Seco Glacier and finally head towards the Upsala Channel, where we will experience the incomparable sensation of navigating among icebergs, some of them very large, breaking off from the Upsala Glacier.

We have implemented a 100% accessible infrastructure that eliminates limitations. We have access ramps, a dock elevator at Punta Bandera, a floating dock for disembarking at Base Spegazzini, and adapted restrooms on board and at the Spegazzini Shelter. Our trails and viewpoints are also 100% accessible.

Sunset is much more than just a navigation. It is an experience that is hard to compare because of how unique it is, and therefore very difficult to describe in words. We are sure that you will never forget it. You have to be there to live it.

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