Glaciar Viedma

The Viedma Glacier is a glacier located in Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina.

It is the largest glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, followed by Upsala and the second largest in the southern hemisphere only after Pío XI Glacier. Its source is located to the SE of Lautaro Volcano and its length is 70 km, for this reason it is the longest glacier in South America.

It is also known for the three bands of ash product of past eruptions of said volcano. Descend from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field and run in a canyon formed between the Huemul and Campana hills, to finally flow into Lake Viedma. The front of the glacier can be seen on boats from Lake Viedma and is 2.5 kilometers wide by 50 meters high. The total area reaches 977 km². Inside the glacier, the Viedma nunatak stands out.


Type: Glacier Valley
Status: Recoil
Front: Viedma Lake
50 m high
2.5 km wide
Length 70 km
Surface 977 km²
Thickness 40 m (front)
- m / year

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