This Agency works with a Quality Management System for Public Organizations, in which we have obtained three distinctions,


With the final objective, introduce ourselves to the National Quality Award Model.

The Agency has defined its


Work under the guidelines of the National Quality System for Public Organizations of the Ministry of Tourism Nation in order to achieve excellence in each process.


inform and promote our tourist destination, managing resources. Supporting and disseminating the processes of the Ministry of Tourism.


To tend to generate a healthy relationship between individuals in the community and the environment.


Commitment - Objectivity - Flexibility - Respect - Perseverance - Ethics - Communication - Optimism - Equanimity.

This Agency has developed its Quality Policy, Objective and Code of Ethics.

Quality politics

Ensure the implementation of a management system, with the aim of reaching the level of excellence in it, maintaining an ethical conduct in each of the processes respecting the culture and cultural heritage of society, as well as continuing protection the preservation of the environment and commit to the occupational safety and health of personnel

Quality objectives

Achieve the implementation of the Quality Award Management model. Generate activities from each of the agency's processes that ensure that users' expectations are met. Develop the potential of employees ensuring their recognition, maintaining a good working environment. To tend to generate a healthy relationship between individuals in the community and the environment.

Ethical code

Respect for social and cultural practices, commitment to protect the NO exploitation of human beings, safeguard the environment and preserve the historical heritage, provide reliable information.

Tel: +54 (02902) 491090
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