Volpi Bistró Puertas Adentro


Le Volpi Bistró Puertas interior is an exclusive restaurant served as a great Bistro should be, by its own owner and Chef. The spirit of Le Volpi focuses on giving its guests a unique experience, welcoming them into our own home, cooking for them ourselves, making them feel at home. Regional Patagonian cuisine, with details of French, Italian and Spanish gastronomy.

Every week we have a 4-course menu paired with the best Argentine wines. With a maximum capacity of 12 guests to preserve the intimacy, exclusivity and detail of each of the dishes.

Walter Volpini, its chef and owner, with 20 years of experience in Patagonian gastronomy, will personally ensure that each dish highlights every last detail.

Le Volpi Bistró is definitely an excellent option for those who want to experience Patagonian gastronomy well from the inside.

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Av. del Libertador n° 3611
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Do you accept reservations?Yes